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Scarborough Open Air Theatre

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Patricia Johnson

I agree with Sadie Ashton The same happened to us for the Cliff Richard concert very confusing it didnt even say gates open at 5pm just said 5pm so we got there at 3 30 pm thinking it started at 5 We didnt even have our tea thinking we would eat when we came out Ok there was burgers etc which we had to buy but not really what we wanted We didnt even know Callabro were performing they were very good but only sang for half an hour then a break goodness me I thought they were a bit greedy spending another half hour or more selling and signing there cd s But then came the star of the show Cliff and all I can say is Cliff you were fantastic and I am still blown away with his performance My praise also goes to all the lovely cheerful security staff and the lovely ladies in the food van at the far end of the arena and I think it is a lovely venue

Sadie Ashton

The tickets for the Alfie Bowe ,Michael Ball concert were very poor on information Picture Wendesday June28 s Scarborough open air theatre, rain pouring down and on the tickets it says gates 17.00 So hundreds of people from all over the country arrive to see the show start soon after that Oh No. It doesn't,t start until 7 30 so what do we all do for two and a half hours? Returning later to see the show ,the rain is still pouring down and many left at the interval. I'm not blaming you for the weather but better, more precise information on the tickets would be appreciated. I doubt if we will go again Thank you Sadie Ashton

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