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Lytham Festival 2018

5 Reviews

Carolyn Johnson

Attended both Friday (80's v 90's) night and Saturday (Madness) for this year. Absolutely brilliant both nights, though a little disappointing that Human League didn't perform on the Friday. Midge Ure more than made up for it though, he was fantastic.Hope to attend again next year.

John Davies

Great Festivals and so easy to book on line.

Val lowe

Fantastic five nights! Every one of them was fantastic! Great value for money! however! The drinks were sold at shocking prices! People were smuggling booze in and resulted into body searches at gate, kind of killed the night! Bring the prices down and I will return!

Brian Petherwick

Just like to say thank you for a lovely night at lytham festival ( Madness ) my wife and I enjoyed it looking forward to the next one. Just a couple of disappointing things beer and food to expensive

Ben Harrison

Please can you confirm when tickets will go on sale for 2018. Is there an early bird discount available?

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