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Michael Ball & Alfie Boe


Two legends of the stage Michael Ball & Alfie Boe ‘Together’ again with new album and nationwide tour.


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Following their successful Together Project

Under 25's require ID to purchase alcohol. Under 14's must be accompanied by an adult over 18 at all times.

14 Reviews

Tony King

5 Stars for concert at Euston Hall and the venue, but the car parking was an absolute shambles. Having paid for advanced parking tickets and arriving over an hour early, I would have thought that some sensible organisation would have managed to get us the last mile in a reasonable time. That not to be! We missed the first twenty minutes of the concert driving to various location around the estate, then there was no specific lane for pre-paid. If hadn'd left during the encore we would have probable still been there! It was however a great concert by two real professionals, thoroughly enjoyed it.


Alfie bone and Michael ball fantastic at Walcot Hall. Car park organisation on exit appalling and very unsafe with no one stopping cars going in all directions to join one long queue to exit. Concert leavers channelled into small exits then Across the line of cars trying to exit! Car parking in a field at £20 or £11 prebooked was just money printing for company in charge. Programme also rip off at £15 Food outlet very pricey. Churchill which was only coffee/ tea/sandwich outlet were rip off merchants and felt like they were casually running the village shop. So disorganised and Incredibly slow as well as very expensive. Should not have had the franchise. I took my mum as a treat and was very sad at the rip off and long walk from car park - she's 84. 5* for singers zero stars. For organisation. Very disappointed to be treated and ripped off - gives artistes and venue very bad reputation

Heather Moore

I really enjoyed the show last night at Lincoln castle. The chaps were super as ever. This is the first time in about seventeen years I have been to an out door concert. lucky the weather wasn't to bad at all but when the sun came out it did glare off the screens a bit. As I was further back in C Block I had to watch the screens and I did regret not getting a ticket in B Block. The seats were fine but a bit of a confusing seating plan and I did think that some of the people at the back could have been moved into the empty seats In my row. Blocks A and B looked really busy though so was a good crowd. The sound was good but at times difficult to see the screens. The timing of the show had also been confusing hence I paid a lot to stay over when I could have got the last train home the show finished at 8.50pm instead of the 9.50pm I had thought. I know the show was on earlier as it was a Sunday but this wasn't made clear when booking the tickets. The Staff were helpful at the Castle. The drinks fair priced only other issue was number of loo's meant some were late getting back to seats in the second half but overall a great night out.

Carol Touchin

Attended Euston last night. Would give the concert 5/5 but the crowd management was the worst I've ever experienced. Didn't feel safe on exit as the organisation was horrific!! The car parking prior to show was pathetic in speed which meant the first 20 minutes of show was either missed by poor customers at the end of the queues. Also for us as people had to keep getting up to let the latecomers get to their seats. Might be naive but to of expanded the single queue to 2 or 3 to park would of meant quicker parking.Dispersal of the crowd at end of concert Felt disorganised and unsafe !! I would sack SHOWSEC if I was you !!! The car park exit was also horrific. Michael and Alfie you were let down

Anne Willis

My stars rating is for the organisers not the concert. Attended Ball and Boe at Euston Hall. Concert was fantastic, however the event organisers were poor. Firstly they didn't respond to questions before the event.Charging £20 to park in a field on top of ticket price is unacceptable, the food outlets were overpriced ( was at Take That week before and outlets there much more reasonably priced) and biggest issue was getting out of car park at end . Their traffic management team from SEP were nowhere to be seen ( turned out they were up near the exits) and it was chaotic and gridlocked in the actual car parks which is where the management was needed. Eventually some of the crowd management team were sent to try and direct traffic but by then there were frustrated expel all trying to jump queues and at one stage there were 5 rows of cars all fighting for a single Lane. Using remote country places for concerts is lovely but if the organisers can't produce a workable traffic plan then they need to seriously rethink it. Instead of leaving having enjoyed a wonderful evening, people's overriding memory is the chaos trying to get out.

Wendy wilcox

Can picnics and wine be taken in to Lincoln castle venue?


Saw Alfie and Michael at stanstead park on 21st June, pre-parking purchased £10.00 nightmare getting out, took 45 minutes. Sat on plastic chairs interlocked with no room to move. One way in and out so chaos, everyone pushing. No drink or food allowed to be taken in. Charged £2.50 for a bottle of £0.60 water, food options not great, expensive and queues so didn't bother. Alfie and Michael brilliant but wouldn't do another cuffe and Taylor organised event as I don't feel it was organised, presented oh and the camera work was atrocious!!! Giving 5 stars only for Alfie and Michael

Mary Swadling

Saw Alfie and Michael at Stansted Park on Wednesday 21st June - they were absolutely brilliant and therefore giving 5stars. The parking charges were a complete rip off charged £10 +£1 administration and over £5 postage (could not get parking ticket without paying postage) in total over £16 paid to ticketmaster. To make things worse chaos on leaving over half an hour to find car and over an hour to get out of the car park. Was very lucky car not damaged as cars everywhere with no apparent steward to help. Feel a refund on car parking charges is the least you can do.

Deborah Moor

What time does the concert at Lincoln castle start adn finish. I dont seem to be getting any answers to questions not sure if anyone else is.

Teresa Hart

We have tickets for tomorrow at Stanstead Park at 5pm. Can we bring a picnic?

Deborah Moor

We are presuming there will be extra security so wondering what we can and cannot bring into the concert and what time the gates open please.


What are the timings for Eastnor tonight?


Re Michael Ball and Alfie Boe concert at Euston Hall Thetford. Can you please advise if food and drink is permitted to be taken in to the event and also the estimated time the concert will finish. Thankyou

Robin buehler

I wish they had more dates on the east coast USA besides May 23 in NYC. Due to lack of funding but morsel the day of week the concert is (I work at a school in southern New Jersey) I am unable to go. :( next time hopefully

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